No matter how careful you are, stains are going to happen on your carpet. Being completely prepared to handle them is key. Sometimes, stains are too difficult to remove on your own. Luckily, the expert stain removers at JM Carpet Cleaners are here to offer our carpet stain removal services.

No Carpet Stain is Too Difficult for Our Team of Technicians to Remove

It doesn’t matter what stain we are dealing with, we are fully prepared with the right resources to handle it. Whether your stain consists of blood, wine, pet urine, coffee or fat-based stains, we have the training to handle removal. We have the industrial equipment needed to remove stains that have been accumulating for years. The carpet cleaning experts at JM Carpet Cleaners, use equipment powerful enough to dig deep into the fibers of your carpet and lift even the most stubborn stains.

Tips to Remove Old Stains from Carpet

At JM Carpet Cleaners, we would like to share some stain removal tips with our valued customers. Here are some of the most important things to remember when you are working to remove a carpet stain.
1. Blot But Don’t Scrub– Scrubbing a stain to remove it will push the stain further into the fibers and cause more damage than good.
2. Work from the Outside In– Working from the center of the stain will cause the stain to spread.
3. Use Cold Water– When you use hot water, it changes the structure of the stain. This causes it to bond to the fibers of your carpet; cold water doesn’t have this effect.
4. Try Mild Detergent Before Harsh– Many harsh detergents will damage your carpet rather than remove the stain.

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Next time you have a stubborn stain, the stain removal experts at JM Carpet Cleaners are at your service. Call us today!