Going far beyond carpet cleaning, JM Carpet Cleaners offer a long list of comprehensive cleaning and restoration services for your home. Fully licensed and insured, we are prepared to provide our customers with exceptional service. Along with cleaning services offered for your floor, we offer mattress cleaning as well.

Importance of Professional Mattress Cleaning

Since most people spend almost a third of their life on their mattress, mattress maintenance should be a priority. During the sleeping process, bodily fluids such as sweat, drool and even urine are often deposited into the surface of your mattress. Not only that, but dead skin, dust mites, hair and other debris are also among the particles found on your mattress. When the highly-trained professionals at JM Carpet Cleaners are enlisted to professionally clean your mattress, any stains or odors are completely removed. We are able to clean, sanitize and deodorize your mattress which will leave you sleeping on a fresh surface again.

Mattress Care Guide

Here is a small guide to caring for and maintaining your mattress to provide you with a healthy, clean place to sleep.
– Wash your sheets regularly. You should be washing your sheets every week to keep the dust mite population down as much as possible.
– Wash blankets & comforters every 1-2 months.
– Rotate your mattress every 6 months to avoid body impressions. The will help your mattress wear evenly.
– Spot clean when necessary. If you see a stain, clean it as soon as possible. Vacuuming your mattress occasionally will help keep it clean between professional cleanings.
– Have your mattress professionally cleaned once a year. This deep clean will be more effective in removing challenging stains and odors.

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