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Can a Dirty Mattress Cause Health Problems in Poway, CA? Benefits of Steam Cleaning & More

A commonly used phrase in my household is, “I can’t wait to hit the sack”. You are not alone when you say you look forward to coming home so you… more »

Can Wet Carpet & Rugs Be Salvaged & Restored After a Flood in Chula Vista, CA?

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Hiring a Professional Chula Vista Carpet Cleaning Company

When your carpet is no longer meeting your high cleanliness expectations, it may be time to hire a professional carpet cleaning company like JM Carpet Cleaners. With the services of… more »

Talking Spot, Stain & Pet Odor Removal in Poway CA

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Spot Treating Carpet Stains

How to Spot Treat Stains in your Carpet: 1. ACT FAST. The first thing to remember is to act fast! When attempting to remove any kind of stain from your… more »

Some of Our Services

Floor Cleaning

Our professional floor cleaning services leave your Carpets and Rugs spot, stain and odor free, leaving behind only carpets and rugs that look and feel years younger! Our Tile Cleaning service restores your tile and grout to their original beauty

Mattress Cleaning

Most everyone washes their sheets at least once a week, if not more often, but how long has it been since you have deep cleaned that mattress? Our Mattress Cleaning service will have you sleeping and feeling better right away.

Air Duct Cleaning

Those who suffer from allergies, asthma and respiratory ailments are vulnerable to the effects of indoor air pollution. A newly cleaned air duct system from JM Carpet Cleaning results in a less dusty home and lower utility bills as a clean system runs more efficiently than a dirty one.

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