A commonly used phrase in my household is, “I can’t wait to hit the sack”. You are not alone when you say you look forward to coming home so you can flop into bed and de-stress after a long day. When you put it into perspective, we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed. Sometimes it’s hard to tell just how much of a beating our mattresses take because sheets and bedspreads cover them most of the time. A typical mattress can cost you anywhere from $500-$1500 these days which is why many people don’t replace them as often as they should. Mattresses are an important investment in our lives because one needs a good night’s rest to function well throughout the day. Lack of sleep can aid in the cause of some serious health problems such as, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, even heart attacks!  Sleep deprivation has also attributed to some of the biggest disasters in our history including the 1986 nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl! Our mattresses benefit our lives in many ways, so we should take care of them. A typical mattress will last about 7 years but with regular cleaning we can prolong the life of our mattress to 10-15 years. JM Carpet Cleaners delves into this topic further below.

What Contaminants Could Be in My Mattress?

Every time we go to sleep we leave behind sweat and dead skin cells, not to mention if one eats or drinks in bed they leave behind spills and crumbs. That is why mattresses become so heavy over time, but the real dangers are naked to the human eye. Mattresses contain the highest amount of dust particles and dust mites found anywhere else in the home! Microorganisms, dust mites, and dirt particles thrive on and in our mattresses and when we go to sleep at night we toss and turn and release those fine dust particles into the air and ultimately breathe them in. The real danger is in the feces dust mites leave behind in our mattress that trigger allergic reactions, asthma symptoms, rhinitis, and even cause eczema flair ups! Dust mites are the most common trigger of allergy symptoms, so allergy suffers tend to have their worst flair ups at night. Doctors recommend that you regularly get your mattress steam cleaned to limit allergens and dust mites that cause these symptoms. An air purifier will aid in combatting the dirt particles we stir up in the air as well.

Professional Mattress Cleaning & More in Poway, Scripps Ranch, La Mesa & Chula Vista, California

Steam cleaning will effectively remove that which we leave behind, reducing the weight of the mattress as well. Steam cleaning shoots-controlled amounts of steaming hot water deep into the fibers of your mattress killing any bacteria that may be lingering. Coupled with powerful suction to remove impurities, lingering debris and moisture leaving your mattress looking, feeling, and smelling as clean as the sheets you put on it. After all, we wash our sheets weekly, so we should be like-minded in keeping our mattresses clean. It doesn’t make sense to put clean sheets on a dirty mattress! Steam cleaning is environmentally friendly and is safe for our pets, children, and elderly people because there’s no need to use dangerous chemicals which a lot of people have sensitivities to. JM Carpet Cleaners are just that. We specialize in keeping upholstered furniture, carpets and homes clean and safe for families to grow and thrive. With powerful truck mounted state of the art equipment you can be sure we offer the best quality service and have the friendliest staff around.  Trust the pro’s and save yourself time and money today!