We recently visited the Poway Dog Park in Poway to talk to some of the pet owners there. One thing that we all agreed on is that you, your pets and any visitors to your home are sure to appreciate a fresh, professionally cleaned carpet, free of pet odors, spots and stains.

Pet Odor Removal in Poway CA

Science says that our sense of smell can sometimes be dulled by odors that are constantly around us for any length of time. For pet owners, this can be a problem because they can easily get accustomed to the scents of their furry friends. You may notice that these odors become more pronounced if you go outside for several hours and then return home; the smell of past pet accidents and pets becomes more noticeable. Unfortunately, your guests will most likely notice these odors more than you do but are often too polite to say anything. If you own pets, now is a good time to get a great Poway carpet cleaning!

Chula Vista Carpet Cleaning Professionals

Many pet owners we spoke to appeared baffled as to why their dogs often have “accidents” in the same places, even after the mess has been cleaned up thoroughly (or so you think). A dog has a sense of smell that is tens of thousands of times more sensitive than a human nose. You may not smell the accident at the scene of the crime, but your pet still can. Although a stain may disappear after cleaning it up, the smell lingers on, and this is what triggers a pet’s natural instinct to get some quick relief. To entirely eliminate the odor, you will need a professional carpet cleaning so that your pets will not be tempted to repeat their mistakes. Professional carpet cleaners like JM Carpet Cleaning have an impressive array of stain removers, odor eliminators, and equipment. Just call us to schedule a free consultation for Chula Vista carpet and rug cleaning.

Sofa and Upholstery Cleaning Chula Vista California

One pet owner from Chula Vista spoke about how they expected puppies to have accidents but didn’t think about their aging pets losing control of their bladders. She mentioned that her elderly dog loved to curl up on her sofa but had started to suffer incontinence causing urine stains and odors. The sooner a pet stain is treated, the better the chances of these stains and odors not becoming permanent! With urine stains in particular, it is extremely important to not allow the stain to set into the multiple layers of your carpeting or upholstery as it can cause permanent dye structure damage.

JM Carpet Cleaners Helps you have a Healthy Poway Home

Although a primary reason for pet owners calling their professional carpet cleaning service is for pet odor and stain control, there are other important benefits as well. Pet hair and dander can be deeply embedded into carpet fibers and this can affect the air quality in the home. In addition, old pet stains and accidents can actually harbor bacteria and start to affect the condition of the carpet. Anyway you look at it, whether you own pets or not (but especially if you do), a professional carpet cleaning is sure to help your home look and smell healthier.