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A commonly used phrase in my household is, “I can’t wait to hit the sack”. You are not alone when you say you look forward to coming home so you can flop into bed and de-stress after a long day. When you put it into perspective, we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed. Sometimes it’s hard to tell just how much of a beating our mattresses take because sheets and bedspreads cover them most of the time. A typical mattress can cost you anywhere from $500-$1500 these days which is why many people don’t replace them as often as they should. Mattresses are an important investment in our lives because one needs a good night’s rest to function well throughout the day. Lack of sleep can aid in the cause of some serious health problems such as, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, even heart attacks!  Sleep deprivation has also attributed to some of the biggest disasters in our history including the 1986 nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl! Our mattresses benefit our lives in many ways, so we should take care of them. A typical mattress will last about 7 years but with regular cleaning we can prolong the life of our mattress to 10-15 years. JM Carpet Cleaners delves into this topic further below.

What Contaminants Could Be in My Mattress?

Every time we go to sleep we leave behind sweat and dead skin cells, not to mention if one eats or drinks in bed they leave behind spills and crumbs. That is why mattresses become so heavy over time, but the real dangers are naked to the human eye. Mattresses contain the highest amount of dust particles and dust mites found anywhere else in the home! Microorganisms, dust mites, and dirt particles thrive on and in our mattresses and when we go to sleep at night we toss and turn and release those fine dust particles into the air and ultimately breathe them in. The real danger is in the feces dust mites leave behind in our mattress that trigger allergic reactions, asthma symptoms, rhinitis, and even cause eczema flair ups! Dust mites are the most common trigger of allergy symptoms, so allergy suffers tend to have their worst flair ups at night. Doctors recommend that you regularly get your mattress steam cleaned to limit allergens and dust mites that cause these symptoms. An air purifier will aid in combatting the dirt particles we stir up in the air as well.

Professional Mattress Cleaning & More in Poway, Scripps Ranch, La Mesa & Chula Vista, California

Steam cleaning will effectively remove that which we leave behind, reducing the weight of the mattress as well. Steam cleaning shoots-controlled amounts of steaming hot water deep into the fibers of your mattress killing any bacteria that may be lingering. Coupled with powerful suction to remove impurities, lingering debris and moisture leaving your mattress looking, feeling, and smelling as clean as the sheets you put on it. After all, we wash our sheets weekly, so we should be like-minded in keeping our mattresses clean. It doesn’t make sense to put clean sheets on a dirty mattress! Steam cleaning is environmentally friendly and is safe for our pets, children, and elderly people because there’s no need to use dangerous chemicals which a lot of people have sensitivities to. JM Carpet Cleaners are just that. We specialize in keeping upholstered furniture, carpets and homes clean and safe for families to grow and thrive. With powerful truck mounted state of the art equipment you can be sure we offer the best quality service and have the friendliest staff around.  Trust the pro’s and save yourself time and money today!

Has your home recently experienced a flood? A flood can occur from a broken pipe line or bad weather. Regardless of what caused the flood, often rugs or carpet were drenched in water. If such an event occurs, you will experience one of two outcomes. One, the carpet or rug can be dried and treated and thus can be saved, or two, the water damage is too great and the carpet or rug will need to be replaced. Many of us are unsure as how to determine if the carpet or rug can be saved or replaced. JM Carpet Cleaners will share the determining factors on whether or not you can save your carpet or rugs.

What to Do with Rugs After a Flood?           

Those large area rugs that have a foam backing can prove rather difficult to properly clean and would require a professional, but only if the area rug holds a lot of value or you wish to keep it for sentimental reasons. However, many rugs that are made with a foam backing are a thrifty or less costly rug. Therefore, it might be cheaper to replace it than the worry about having it professionally cleaned. If the rug doesn’t have a foam backing and it is small enough, you can simply wash it in a wash machine. However larger rugs will need to be professionally cleaned.

Can Flooded Carpets Be Saved?           

Carpets that were drenched in a flood and quickly drained of the water and dried can often be saved. It will require a professional cleaner and sterilization to prevent any future mold or fungal growth, but with the right efforts the carpet can be saved. However, if the water exposure was standing on the carpet for over 24 hours the carpet will need to be replaced. If the water was from sewage or sewer water, this could prove to be a major health hazard. Same goes if the water was from a storm or rain where the water could contain contaminates. Both breed harmful bacteria and mold where it would prove to be safer for all house hold member to replace and disinfect the entire exposed area.

Carpet & Rug Cleaning, Water Damage Restoration & More in Poway, Scripps Ranch, La Mesa & Chula Vista, California

The first and major rule if you want to save your carpet or rug after a flood is to act quickly. It is best to call a professional carpet cleaning company that offers water or flood damage restoration to come and properly dry and clean the carpet or rugs. JM Carpet Cleaners can help save your carpets as long as you act quickly. Just give us a call and we will provide a quick response. Contact JM Carpet Cleaners today.        

When your carpet is no longer meeting your high cleanliness expectations, it may be time to hire a professional carpet cleaning company like JM Carpet Cleaners. With the services of the best carpet cleaner in Chula Vista and San Diego County, California, you can rest assured that your carpet will be cleaned and restored to pristine condition. We have the tools and expertise needed to remove stubborn stains and spots and smelly pet odors. In addition, routine service from professional carpet cleaners like us will help your carpet last for a longer period of time, thereby saving you money. JM Carpet Cleaners has prepared the following list of the top reasons why you should hire a professional carpet cleaning company for your home or business.

Professional Carpet Cleaners in Chula Vista and San Diego County


Advanced Carpet Cleaning Equipment

The technicians at a professional carpet cleaning company like JM Carpet Cleaners have a wide variety of environmentally friendly products, tools and equipment at their immediate disposal. Using this advanced truck mounted steam cleaning equipment, we are able to thoroughly remove ground in stains and pungent odors. If you have been unsatisfied with the carpet cleaning results you can achieve with your vacuum and basic tools at home, it is time to call in the professionals!

Specific Carpet Cleaner Training

A professional carpet cleaning company will offer specific training and regular courses to its employees. With this specialized knowledge, an expert carpet technician will be able to treat a wide range of common stains and messes. When you are considering hiring a carpet cleaning company, you may want to ask about their in house certification and training programs. A company like JM Carpet Cleaners with great certifications will provide you with high quality, top level cleaning services.

Deep Cleaning Carpet

A carpet cleaning company will be able to provide your home and business’ carpeting with a much deeper level of clean than you can achieve on your own. Achieving a deeper clean can be particularly important anytime but particularly before family gatherings and when you are getting ready to list your home for sale for example. Whether you wish to restore old carpets or are simply seeking a great way to keep your newer carpets looking and smelling fresh, the expert services from a professional carpet cleaning company like JM Carpet Cleaners are sure to satisfy your needs! Contact us today!

We recently visited the Poway Dog Park in Poway to talk to some of the pet owners there. One thing that we all agreed on is that you, your pets and any visitors to your home are sure to appreciate a fresh, professionally cleaned carpet, free of pet odors, spots and stains.

Pet Odor Removal in Poway CA

Science says that our sense of smell can sometimes be dulled by odors that are constantly around us for any length of time. For pet owners, this can be a problem because they can easily get accustomed to the scents of their furry friends. You may notice that these odors become more pronounced if you go outside for several hours and then return home; the smell of past pet accidents and pets becomes more noticeable. Unfortunately, your guests will most likely notice these odors more than you do but are often too polite to say anything. If you own pets, now is a good time to get a great Poway carpet cleaning!

Chula Vista Carpet Cleaning Professionals

Many pet owners we spoke to appeared baffled as to why their dogs often have “accidents” in the same places, even after the mess has been cleaned up thoroughly (or so you think). A dog has a sense of smell that is tens of thousands of times more sensitive than a human nose. You may not smell the accident at the scene of the crime, but your pet still can. Although a stain may disappear after cleaning it up, the smell lingers on, and this is what triggers a pet’s natural instinct to get some quick relief. To entirely eliminate the odor, you will need a professional carpet cleaning so that your pets will not be tempted to repeat their mistakes. Professional carpet cleaners like JM Carpet Cleaning have an impressive array of stain removers, odor eliminators, and equipment. Just call us to schedule a free consultation for Chula Vista carpet and rug cleaning.

Sofa and Upholstery Cleaning Chula Vista California

One pet owner from Chula Vista spoke about how they expected puppies to have accidents but didn’t think about their aging pets losing control of their bladders. She mentioned that her elderly dog loved to curl up on her sofa but had started to suffer incontinence causing urine stains and odors. The sooner a pet stain is treated, the better the chances of these stains and odors not becoming permanent! With urine stains in particular, it is extremely important to not allow the stain to set into the multiple layers of your carpeting or upholstery as it can cause permanent dye structure damage.

JM Carpet Cleaners Helps you have a Healthy Poway Home

Although a primary reason for pet owners calling their professional carpet cleaning service is for pet odor and stain control, there are other important benefits as well. Pet hair and dander can be deeply embedded into carpet fibers and this can affect the air quality in the home. In addition, old pet stains and accidents can actually harbor bacteria and start to affect the condition of the carpet. Anyway you look at it, whether you own pets or not (but especially if you do), a professional carpet cleaning is sure to help your home look and smell healthier.

How to Spot Treat Stains in your Carpet:

1. ACT FAST. The first thing to remember is to act fast! When attempting to remove any kind of stain from your carpet, time is your worst enemy. The quicker you start cleaning the stain, the more likely it is that you will be successful in removing the stain completely. Generally a wet stain is always easier to remove than a dried, set in stain.

2. BLOT. Before you apply any cleaning products, remove as much of the stain as you can by blotting it with a rag or cloth. It is very important that you blot and not rub, so that you don’t push the stain deeper into the carpet fibers.

3. TEST. Don’t just start wildly throwing chemicals, cleaners, and home remedies on your carpet in hopes of finding what will work. Especially if the carpet is a darker color (or even a multi-colored rug), you run the risk of damaging your carpet even more. Always test a patch of carpet in an inconspicuous area first. A good stain removal recipe is just warm water and a touch of vinegar. Work from the outside of the stain to the center.

If the stain hasn’t disappeared after multiple attempts, call JM Carpet Cleaning. If you live in San Diego County, let our professional carpet cleaners take care of the stain for you.

Some of Our Services

Floor Cleaning

Our professional floor cleaning services leave your Carpets and Rugs spot, stain and odor free, leaving behind only carpets and rugs that look and feel years younger! Our Tile Cleaning service restores your tile and grout to their original beauty

Mattress Cleaning

Most everyone washes their sheets at least once a week, if not more often, but how long has it been since you have deep cleaned that mattress? Our Mattress Cleaning service will have you sleeping and feeling better right away.

Air Duct Cleaning

Those who suffer from allergies, asthma and respiratory ailments are vulnerable to the effects of indoor air pollution. A newly cleaned air duct system from JM Carpet Cleaning results in a less dusty home and lower utility bills as a clean system runs more efficiently than a dirty one.

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